APS-Eastern Aviation
Solution For Your Aviation Needs. Company APS Aviation Parts Service d.o.o. was founded at December 2010. with the idea to establish professional service for general aviation spare parts supply.
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Spare Parts

Thanks to our strategic partnership with OEM, CMs and manufacturers of electrical components services and overhaul centers across the world, we are able to source the military components that can’t be purchased through the usual channels of licensed distributors.

The mentioned partnerships provide access to even those parts whose production has already been suspended or which become obsolete due to cease of production technology. These special procurement abilities make APS Aviation Parts Service d.o.o. (ltd.) a valued partner in the supply chain of spare parts for special programs.

Eastern Aviation

In addition to the sales of aircraft parts and accessories we offer exchange and
repair service for many aircraft components. Our excellent and continuously
growing network of contacts with the FAA/EASA approved companies which
specialize in repair and overhaul of aircraft components allows us to answer very
different requests in aviation services domain, no matter if it is about general,
business-jet or commercial aviation.

Eastern Aviation

Thanks to signed Contract with leading Russian and Ukrainian original equipment manufacturers, high quality wholesalers and specialized overhaul plants, as well as help of highly qualified specialists involved in provision of eastern aviation and defense related material. We are able to successfully work in the following areas:


In recent years the drones and no-pilot vessels become more and more popular and available to the general market and this produces a high security risk for many.
It is equally important for anti-drone technology to be relatively future-proof, as Drones in the future will maintain higher altitudes, be equipped with advanced cameras with improved zooming systems, and they will be far smaller.
Prevention is always better than cure. Several anti-drone technology companies are focusing on ways to prevent a hostile drone from reaching its target.