Airport Equipment

New equipment

APS provides stock of ground support brands like:
Trepel, Mulag, Vestergaard, as well as airport terminal brands: SRK.

Used / Refurbished

Strategic partnersip with TCR


Spare Parts
Mechanical Parts

Ground support

In cooperation with TCR Group the world leader and largest Company for supply of used Airport equipment, APS has improved our capabilities to support our customers with delivery of high quality refurbished or slightly used equipment at strongly competitive prices.

As an official, Contracted TCR partner, we can provide used and refurbished ground support equipment.
Our after sales support is unmatched, we take care of our customers!

APS Aviation Parts Service d.o.o. (Ltd.) in partnership with one of the Europe’s largest Company for Airfield light systems solutions “ELGRA VISON” can offer international customers wide range of services up to turn-key solutions for airports and heli-pads.
ELGRA VISION is leader in the market of Airport light systems.

ELGRA VISION d.o.o. employees have installed light, energy and controlling equipment at airports of all categories.

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